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What you will get

When you sign up you will get your own developer sandbox of the Teneo platform containing all the tools needed to build and manage advanced conversational solutions.

  • checkFree 90 day evaluation
  • checkUp to 5 team members
  • checkUnlimited bots
  • check7 published bots

To work with Teneo you need to install Teneo Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to work together with my colleagues, do we all need to sign up?

No, only one person needs to sign up. You can then invite additional team members to your team.

Is Teneo Studio required?

For building conversational logic, Teneo Studio is required. If your role focuses primarily on creating interfaces for a published bot (for example to make it available on a website or Microsoft Teams), Teneo Studio is not required.

For how long will my team have access?

Your team’s Teneo developer sandbox will be available for 90 days. If you want your sandbox to stay available after 90 days, contact us.

Can I use the Teneo evaluation environment for production usage?

The Teneo developer sandbox is made available for development and evaluation purposes only. If you need a production environment, contact us.

How many bots can I build?

You can build, test and improve as many bots as your like. If you want to make a bot available on for example a website or Slack, it needs to be published. The Teneo developer sandbox provides 7 publishing slots. Published bots allow 10 concurrent sessions and should be used for development purposes only. If you need more published bots or production grade bots, contact us.

Where can I get help?

If you need help, have a question or would like to meet the Teneo team, head over to the Teneo Developers Forum. We look forward to seeing you there!